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2024年毕业典礼- 5月4日星期六下午2点.m.



Below you’ll find a quick to do list of things you need to complete to graduate in spring 2024. From applying to graduate to ordering your cap and gown, this list will keep you on track for graduation.

毕业日时间表- 5月4日星期六

  • ALL students will check into the Gillmor Center; once you enter the building you will be directed to the correct location.
  • Ph.D. 毕业生,请联络 Nick Bollinger(学术顾问) regarding additional details for your morning event.
  • 登记及入住于下午12:30开始.m.
  • Tickets ARE NOT required for the ceremony for guests.
  • Attendance is also unlimited for guests to attend the graduation ceremony.
  • Please encourage your guests to go directly to the Heminger Center to obtain their seats and to prevent delays in the ceremony beginning or missing part of the ceremony.
  • Please wear comfortable shoes for the procession to and from the Heminger Center. 我们不建议穿高跟鞋.
  • 仪式在下午两点开始.m.
  • Only the graduate can walk across the stage unless prior approval has been granted.
  • In the event of inclement weather, a decision will be made on Friday, May 3 by 5 p.m. 关于学生报到的地点. This will be communicated via the student’s Tiffin University email account. 


  • 下午12:30开始.m. t在这里 will be flower sales inside the Heminger Center for guests who wish to purchase flowers for graduates.
  • 海明格中心将于下午12:30开放.m. for seating and everyone must be seated by 1:45 p.m.
  • 如果你还没有,一定要分享 吃午饭.edu/commencement 与家人和客人. On that site, they can find all the details they need about the day.



  • 申请毕业. 请到 吃午饭.edu/commencement/graduation-application 完成毕业申请. **截止申请日期为2月1日(星期四).
  • Order your cap and gown after the start of the spring 2024 semester
  • Share with your 家庭 the date and time of commencement: Saturday, May 4
    • 登记及入住时间:下午12:30 - 1:30.m.
    • 仪式:2分.m.
    • T在这里 is no limit on the number of guests attending per student

关于毕业的任何问题? 电子邮件 honakerbm@吃午饭.edu.


Please take a few minutes to read and forward it on to your guests… trust us, they want the details!

Academic Honors Ceremony – Sunday, April 21 at 10:30 a.m. 

  • This is an invitation-only event for all undergraduate students who met academic honor criteria at the completion of the fall 2023 semester.
  • If you think you should have received an invitation and did not, please contact Dr. 桑德拉·格林格 geringersk@吃午饭.edu

You’re invited to a 毕业吐司 – Thursday, May 2, 2024 at 5 p.m.

博彩平台推荐校长办公室, Office of the Provost and Office of 校友关系 invite the graduating members of the class of 2024, 教职员工尽情享受 毕业吐司 5月2日星期四下午5点.m. 在马里昂中心. 将提供小吃和葡萄酒/啤酒. 需要正确的身份证件. 这件衣服很休闲.

点击 在这里 如果你还没有注册的话. 

*请注意, if you make a gift to the Senior Class Gift you will be able to pick up your commemorative pint glass that night.

Timeline of degree conferral and official documents being mailed:

  • Spring 2024 graduates: degrees will be conferred by mid-May; diplomas and transcripts will be mailed out approximately 6 – 8 weeks after degree conferral (mid-June).
  • Summer 2024 graduates: degrees will be conferred by mid-September and diplomas and transcripts will be mailed out approximately early-October.
  • Fall 2023 graduates: you should already have your degree conferred and should have also received your diploma and transcript; if this hasn’t happened please let the Registrar’s Office know.


  • Friday, April 12 – Cap and gown pickup at 交换
  • Friday, April 19 – Gown Steaming Party at the Dragon Lair
  • 4月22日一周-帽子装饰派对(待定)
  • Friday, April 26 – Cap and gown photoshoot/photo trail
  • 星期一,4月29日-工艺品 & 华尔街酒吧的工艺品 & 烧烤
  • 4月30日,星期二,Cinemark电影之夜
  • Thursday, May 2 – Class of 2024 毕业吐司 at The Marion Center


  • 毕业生总数:825人
  • Total 本科 Students: 425 (15 are Global students from Romania)
  • Total 研究生 Students: 359 (15 are Global students from Romania)
  • 总Ph值.D. 学生:41
  • 截至2024年3月28日,参与人数:585人
  • 共有29个国家代表.
  • 共有39个国家出席
  • 军校学生总数:30人
  • 让每个人都知道你要毕业了. 查看我们的 社交媒体工具包 用一些庆祝的方式来做到这一点.
    • Try out our customized TU graduation filters with your Snapchat account.
    • Frame your face with our customized digital profile picture frames.
    • 下载手机壁纸到你的手机.
    • 和朋友一起游玩的时候, 家庭, 在会议甚至面试中, be sure to download a virtual Zoom background to show your Dragon Pride.
  • 和我们一起庆祝你的毕业吧. 拍下你在家庆祝的照片. 把视频. 这是属于你的一天.
  • 得到社会. Use #TUgrad # TiffinUniversity in your celebratory social posts to be included in our social wall.
  • 告诉你的朋友. A list of graduates will be published on TU’s website and social media.


  • 毕业生总数:712人
  • Total 本科 Students: 387 (16 are Global students from Romania)
  • Total 本科 Students receiving honors of GPA of 3.5或以上:199
  • Total 研究生 Students: 315 (23 are Global students from Romania)
  • 获得荣誉的学生4名.0: 131
  • 总Ph值.D. 学生:10
  • 截至2023年2月17日,总参与人数:481人
  • Total 国际学生: 89 (Without Global, a total of 49) – A total of 20 Countries represented.
  • 共有38个国家出席




  • 毕业人数:736人
  • 研究生s receiving their bachelor’s degrees: 375
  • 获得硕士学位的毕业生:357人
  • 获得博士学位的毕业生.博士学位:4
  • 研究生s receiving their master’s degrees with distinction (4.0 G.P.A.): 154
  • 研究生s receiving their bachelor’s degrees with honors (3.5 G.P.A.): 205
  • 华盛顿D.C. 和你.S. 代表国:38个
  • 代表国家:22个



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